Monday, July 6, 2009

100 reviews already


Just wow.

I just noticed that I hit 100 reviews with the Zeidian-review. I must admit that when I started doing the ultrashort reviews last year, I never expected to review that many products. WotC and Goodman Games make up 42% of my purchases. Even though 5-star rating is the most common (27 products) rating given, the average rating is only 3,6 stars, just above average. It seems that I am incurable OBE fanboy, since their 12 products get a whooping 4,91 average. Or maybe they are just that good ;).

A few days ago, I decided to migrate from ENworld to here. The purpose of the migration was simple. I felt I was losing track of my reviews, it became increasingly "difficult" to find reviews and compare them. I am pretty happy about this new format, and in time, I hope to add more labels, so that you can find all adventures (or all campaign settings, races etc) that I have reviewed with just one click. I hope you guys like the new site, and please do not hesitate to comment, advice or critize.

Jack99 aka Chris


  1. I really like this new format; good call. The tags really make the reviews easy to find and manage, and it's always easy to see what's new (they're at the top of the page instead of the bottom!)

    My only concern is that it's hard for me to distinguish how many stars are in a rating. I have to highlight each star and count as I go. Maybe if they were spaced out (* * * * *), it would be easier to tell. Then again, it could just be my monitor's aspect ratio.

    Actually, the Silent7Games tag should be Silent7Seven Games, but that's a popular mistake, so I'm not too worried about it; I'll go ahead and blame myself for making a weird title :) (Even One Book Shelf initially got the name messed up!) Anyway, hopefully we'll have more S7S stuff soon :)

    ~ Andrew

  2. Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback, glad you like the new format. Looking at my laptop's screen, I must admit that you are indeed right, it's a bit hard to see. Will see what I can do about that. Regarding the name, ups, my bad, I will make sure to fix that.

  3. I also find the stars difficult to read. However I find that under the stars is "X star" makes it a fairly non-issue.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    I have tried to space out all the stars, maybe that will make it easier to see. If not, I will see about making them another color perhaps.


  5. Congrats you crazy guy, between you and Asmor's stuff we get so much 4E for free ;-) I really enjoy your reviews, and some are not that ultra-short. Good value for money :-)

  6. Yeah, kinda lost my way on the ultra-short part :(

    They are still short though, compared to most other reviews.

    Glad you enjoy them!