Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pact of the Angelic Choirs (Adamant Entertainment)

I was very much (okay moderately) looking forward to this one. I have a thing for angels, and if done right, it would definitely be something that would be incorporated very quickly into my campaign. But alas, it wasn’t. There are some decent ideas in the fluff, but the crunch is just horrible. Some of the issues are small, things that annoy more than anything, but when you couple that with a good deal of powers that look horribly broken, it’s kind of hard to ignore. Small stuff includes the at-will dealing radiant damage, despite being described constantly as a fire attack. The constant use of willpower instead of will. Then again, that’s probably because it’s not released under the GSL. Also, Truename. Good idea, poor implementation. I mean, why give penalties to monsters’ defenses (and thus give the DM more work) when you can give the player unnamed bonuses that stack with everything else. Anyway, as I said, mostly small stuff, so let’s move to the bigger issues. How about a level 2 utility that gives 1+int mod to AC, all defenses and resistance 1+int mod vs. fire, acid, radiant and lightning. For 5 minutes… Or how about a level 6 utility that as a minor action gives 1+cha (main stat) modifier to a roll. But it can be any roll used within the next 5 minutes. Or how about a level 10 utility (immediate reaction) that when used gives you temp hit points and an action point. Or how about an immediate interrupt that “rewinds the clock” to before the event, and lets you cut in with a minor, move and standard action. Seriously? A level 5 close burst for 3d10+modifiers+ knock prone? Or a level 29 burst 5 that can do 10d10 (of no less than 3 different types of energy) + knocks prone? Sure, you might have to hit yourself, but still? Too much work in this one, in my opinion.

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